Complete Home Brew DV adapter V01.04

My lawyer requested that my new board will not distribute until Fred will put my copied board on the market. Because, they may analyze whether his board corresponds to the breach of the Copyright Act and the patent violation. Therefore, please wait more time.

New design will be available soon. New version has LCD display, some callsign entry system and PA(speaker amp.). Please wait next announce.
Old version does not work some PICs. Because old design has over specification (clock frequency. Not OSC frequency.) of PIC18LF4550.
For original PCB owner: If you have some trouble, please contact me.

Do not use V03.03 or before, those versions have "internal timer bug".

All PCB are Sold Out! I have no plan to make more this PCB(V01.04). Because I will change the curcuit. Please wait future anaunce.

Do not use PIC18F4550 insted of PIC18LF4550. You must use PIC18LF4550.

This PCB does not include "Callsing entry system", "Callsign display system" and "audio PA system".

USB connector was changed from A type to B type. Diagram of this PCB is V01.04.

Complete Home Brew DV adapter V01.00

Program files (Do not use V03.03 or before, those versions have "internal timer bug".)
  • Current version is V03.08. This version has "encrypted callsign system".

  • Right original PCB owner: If you need HEX file and Encrypted callsign, please contact me.

    You must use DVadapter.03.05 or later of control program.
  • Control program V03.05 (2009.08.25 PC version include DLL)

  • Control program V03.05 (2009.08.25 PC version execute only)

  • Device driver libusb-win32-device-bin-

  • This PCB has one mistake. I forgot to float the pin one of VR1. If you will make this, please do not connect the pin one of VR1. (see red circle.)

    This pcb needs about 70mA of 5V. Please connect USB or 5V(with Voltage Regulator).

    This PCB uses the PICkit2 for programing of PIC18LF4550.

    Connect (header pins) for PICkit2 (see red circle.)

    Snapshot of control progeam screen.

    Diagram of connection between RIG and Adapter. (CN1 Pin Assign)
    1Data (to RIG)
    3PTT (to RIG)
    49600 bps Input (from RIG)
    5Not use

    CN3 Pin Assign
    1-3: COS LED 2-3: PTT LED

    SW1,SW2 and SW3 setting
    Detail Information.
    ON when COS circuit is open colector without pull up registor,
    OFF when COS circuit is ont open colector or with pull up register.
    1-2 (must be SW2 OFF) when COS is reversed signal.
    2-3 and SW2 ON when COS is normal signal.

    Mod. Information
    Mic noise
    Some PC is caused the noise (low frequency) on trasimmitted signal. If you catched it, please added R30 and C34.
    See red circle.

    CMX589 lock program
    When you use IC-91AD(Japanese version is ID-91), node adapter does not work. Pleas add 1M to pin 13 and 14 of CMX589AP4.
    See red circle.

    Increase Mic gain

    remove R13.

    Changed C7 from 4.7uF to 47uF.

    Increase TX level
    If your IC-91AD does not decode the callsign, please increase the value of R8. (from 100K to 500K/510K)

    Trouble shooting
    1. Please check 3.3V line. If 3.3V line does not right voltage, please check the soldering of AMBE-2020 using magnifier (10x or more). Maybe, you can find the solder bridge or small solder ball.
    2. If your PC does not detect the USB (DV adapter), also check the soldering of AMBE-2020 using magnifier (10x or more).
    3. libusb-win32 does not work on VISTA 64 and Windows 7 64bits. You must get the digital certificate. See
    4. If repeater does not recognizes your RF header, please increse the delay time. (This delay time is depend on your rig.) Also, you must set RPT1, RPT2 and check repeater.

    Note for Control program of DVadapter
    1. All setting values do not save until executing the save command.
    2. Value of Station Call(UrCall), RPT1, RPT2 and Flags on main menu do not save unitl excuteing the save command. But, those changeing values reflect immediately. (This change is templary change only.) If you need those change for next run, you must save those values with "save command". Also, when you rerun the control program, all values will change the saving value.

  • PIC18LF4550
  • AMBE-2020
  • TMS320LC541B Core module of AMBE-2020

  • History
    2009.08.24 PIC program updated. V03.07
    2008.11.21 PIC program updated. V01.08
    2008.10.03 I orderd PCB for testing. (Maybe I will receive this PCB at 11th Oct.)
    2008.09.13 Modulation and Demodulation are successed.
    2008.09.01 Demodulation was succeed.
    2008.03.28 This Circuit does not test yet.

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