USB Driver

VISTA 64bits and Windows 7 64bits User

TNX for this information > HB9EHU

You can use USB driver installer of Pruftechnik.
But you must need the special firmware (see below) and application program which have the 0x1584 of Vender ID and the 0x4800 (or 0x0001) of Product ID.

Device driver of windows 64bits needs the digital signature.
Message is Re: [Libusb-win32-devel] libusb for 64-bit systems.

I added Vender ID change logic after V06.20 and V07.05. Therefore, if application writer will add the Vender ID and Product ID changing logic, we can use above device driver for Windows 64bits. This device driver does not use Linux box or etc. Also, they had digital signature. If you are interesting this version, please contact me. Above device driver uses the 0x1584 for Vender ID and 0x4800 or 0x0001 for Product ID.

Device Driver (libusb-win32)

Original source and binary

Original binary with INF file(defined node adapter)

Install Package of libusb-win32 with INF file
OS 32 bits
Windows 7setup_7
Windows Server 2003setup_2003
VISTA and Windows Server 2008setup_vista
Windows XPsetup_xp

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