Node Adapter V6

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Node_update_client V02.08 of CentOS5 is available now.

V06.56 (test version) is available. I changed the default value of the header genearation switch from on to off. Also, I changed the memory allocation more. If you have time. please test it and report me. If you are interesting to use V06.62, please use "node_update_client -p 889" command. (You must use the V02.08 or later of node_update_client. Please check the version of your node_update_client. If you don't have V02.08 or later, please re-download it.)

I found some bug on node_update_client.exe. Latest version is V02.08. If you do not have, please re-download the

I found some bug on node_update_client.exe. Latest version is V02.02. If you do not have, please re-download the

Latest version is V06.54. (09/17/2011)

I added the switch for header generation. If you do not like the RF header generation, please uncheck this switch. V06.42 or later Setting program is V04.02.

If you use the node adapter at noisy place, please update to V06.54 or later.
PTT lock problem was solved. Fixed version is V06.36.

0. I added the alternate header generation logic. V06.62 only (If adapter does not receive the rf header, adapter picks up the header infromation from slow data field.)
1. I fixed PTT lock on repeater mode V06.54.
2. I fixed COS off problem V06.54.
3. I changed the fedault rs232c speed from 19200bps to 38400bps. V06.53
4. I fixed bug in S/N squlech timing.
5. I added miner change for COS routine. V06.40
6. Timing error was fixed for COS ON/OFF.
7. I fxed small bug in RS232C, If you do not use RS232C, you don't need to update.
8. I changed update method for firmware. Please download the (include node_update_client.exe and fw_update.exe). And run the "node_update_client.exe" with internet connection. This program is online update program.
9. I deleted the pre and post bit pattern setting. No more support this setting. Do not use this setting command on your application program.

If your PC does not detect the node adapter, please delete the registory of node adapter with regedit program.
If you use S/N squelch, please S/N Squelch is setted from 400 or more big value. If you get the generated header only, please reduce this value.

I added Vender ID change logic after V06.20 and V07.05. Therefore, if application writer will add the Vender ID and Product ID changing logic, you can use the USB driver installer of Pruftechnik for VISTA and Windows 7 64bits. (See USB Driver page)

USB Hub user: If you got the R2D2, please remove the USB Hub and connect directly to PC.

Upgrade from V05.xx user: Do not forget the modification of your board. See Mod. Info.

Sold out!
V7 board is available now. See V7 page.

I found a bug in Beacon routine of V06.17. I alredy sent new firmware(V06.20) to each user. If you did not receive new firmware, please contact me.

1. USB type bootloader is supported (You can update the PIC program at your home without PIC programmer.)
2. RS232C is supported (38400bps 8bits None parity 1 stop bit) This is not slow data port. You can control the node adapter thru this port insted of USB. (see Command format and RF received sample) Also, NodeDisplay uses this port.
3. Full speed mode (USB 2.0) only. (No more support low speed mode.)
4. Restore the initial default value.
5. Still use V02.06 PCB.
6. You can change the Product ID thru usb command. You can use multi node adapter cards on one PC.
7. No more need option pic for standalone repeater mode.

Firmware Update Programs
Someone miss used this program. Therefore I added some check logic. Please re-download and use new version.

Do not use PIC programmer. You must use this update program. And you must set the normal mode (not repeater mode) of SW4. (include node_update_client.exe and fw_update.exe)
node_update_client (Linux version libusb-1.0)
node_update_client 02.08 (CentOS5 static link version 08/12/2011)

Manula of node_update_client (update 07/04/2011)

This update program is online update program. Also, you must unpack and run those programs on writeable directory. This update program uses port 888. No more support the mailing of new firmware.

You must set normal mode (not repeatermode) of SW5.
If you could not run the update program, please try the following sequence.

1. Put the update hex file (node_n.hex) on same directory of update program.
2. Connect pin 1 and pin 28 of PIC18F2550 to GND.
3. Disconnect pin 1 of PIC18F2550 from GND.
4. Wait 3 or 4 seconds after step 3. Disconnect pin 28 of PIC18F2550 from GND.
5. If COS LED is ON, go next step. If COS LED is OFF, retry from step 2.
6. Run update program.

When you ran fw_update.exe, you got the following messages.
DV Firmware Updater flash erasing: DONE.
DV Firmware Updater id programming: FAILED.
Failed to read HID buffer.
Operation aborted.

This messages mean "borken the bootloader". Therefore, please send me your board/box, I will repair it.

Product ID setting program (Linux version only)
Product ID setting program for libusb-0.1.xx (static link version) 12/03/2009

Linux user:
If you got the error code -71 on 2.6.xx kernel, please execute following command.

echo -1 > /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/autosuspend

Own program (application) writter:

If you use follwong command, Please delete those command. Because I deleted those command after V06.25 and V07.25. Also, I use those value for another command after V06.40 and V07.40.

#define SET_PreBitPattern 0xe0
#define SET_PostBitPattern 0xe1
#define GET_PreBitPattern 0xe2
#define GET_PostBitPattern 0xe3

I added some dv detection logic. When Node adapter does not receive the RF header but detectes the re-sync signal, adapter geneates the RF header (that is same as last RF header.) Also, when adapter generate the RF header, adapter sets the 7th bit of satatus byte. (This detection logic is same as ICOM's rig.) If you don't like this logic, please check the 7th bit. and ignore the RF header

1. If you make your own internet apllication using node adapter, you must support the jitter buffer and reconstruction logic of UDP packet.
2. You must impute the loss packet. Because, sometimes the UDP packet does not come original sequence and same delay time.
3. When TX buffer of node adapter is empty, node adapter sets the PTT off. Because, DV strema is synconus signal. Therefore, you must send the dv stream without interrupt. (You must send 12 bytes with excat 20m secund interval or store the enough bytes in TX buffer.)
4. When your application program get a error from "PTT ON" command, you must re-execute the "PTT ON" command. (Still node adapter is running the "PTT OFF" sequence.)

libusb-win32-0.1.xx user
If you got -5(return code) of PUT_DATA command, please retry same command after 10 20 mSecond. This error code(-5) of PUT_DATA is "TX buffer is full".
libusb-0.1.xx user
If you got -32(return code) of PUT_DATA command, please retry same command after 10 or 20 mSecond. This error code(-32) of PUT_DATA is "TX buffer is full".
libusb-1.xx user
If you got -32 (return code) from usb_control_msg command, the pipe between PC and Node adapter was borekn. If you got this, you could not access the USB driver (libusb-win32 or libusb) more. This conndition occured when you re-executed the former usb command with short interval. You must delay to re-execute at least 1 mSecond (5mSecond or more is fine.). This is the physical requirement (low level layer) of USB interface. (This is not Node adapter problem.) Also, when you will execute the usb_control_msg commands with short interval, you will get this problem. And you must check the return code of all usb_control_msg commands.

Sample source file of echotest program (Linux version for libusb-0.1.xx)

Important notice:
Many people have the trouble of 24MHz Xtal. Therefore, I change the disribution method of the PCB and pre-programmed PIC. I distribute the complete assembled PCB or pre-assembled the USB part with pre-programmed PIC PCB only.

Price: (Changed 12/23/2009)
Complete assembled PCB is $120 (include registered mail fee).
PCB + PIC is $30 (preassembled PIC and USB psrts only. Include registered mail fee).

This price is included the future update of V06.xx firmware.
I do not distribute the programmed PIC. I distribute the above boards only.
Current version of PIC is V06.17. And PIC has "code protect". So, do not modify this pic. If you do it, all data of pic is erased automatically.
If you have V05.xx PIC or V05.xx PIC mounted board, plesae send me the V05.xx PIC or board, I will re-program the bootloader and send back to you. (free of charge) Please contact me before you will send your PIC or borad. Do not send me the new PIC. I do not accept new PICs.

PCB Information
Assembled complete parts for V06.xx
Those connecter and pin are included with the complete assembled PCB..
This board.(12/23/2009) is availabel now. Price is $120 (include registered mail fee). If you are interesting this, please contact me. ( Sold out!
Assembled complete parts for V06.xx (Rear) Include two mods.

Price is $30 (preassembled PIC and USB psrts only. Include registered mail fee). Sold out!

Mod. Information
S/N readout is too sensitive. Please add following mods. Also, S/N squelch is needed same mods.
1. Cut the pattern between + of C7 and pin 23 of CMX589A.(photo)
2. Add 47K between + of C7 and pin 23 of CMX589A.(photo)
MCLR is supported after V06.07 or later.
3. Add 47K between pin 1 of PIC18F2550 and Vdd.(pulling up register) (photo)

Programs for V06.xx (PIC version) Mod. History
Default setting program V04.04 for V06.56 or later(10/31/2011 include DLL)
Default setting program V04.03 for V06.53 or later(09/17/2011 include DLL)
Default setting program V04.02 for V06.42 or later(07/26/2011 include DLL)
Default setting program V04.01 for V06.26 or later(06/04/2011 include DLL)
Default setting program V03.06(11/29/2010 include DLL)
Default setting program V03.06(11/29/2010 execute only

V06.22 or later user:
If you use S/N squelch, please S/N Squelch is setted from 500 or more big value.

V06.20 or former user:
If you use S/N squelch, please Auto polarity is unchecked, COS Check is unchecked and S/N Squelch is setted from 100 to 300. (do not set big value.)

RX display program
rf_read V01.04 (RX test program)
Echo test program
execute(V00.03 06/14/09) Audio file for reading
DV stream recording program
DV stream recording program
Recorded DV stream play program
Recorded DV stream play program

libusb-win32 device driver

  • libusb-win32 is same as libusb (linux version). See

    Linux user
    Linux version of rf_read, echotest, recorder, player and NodeAdapter_Set are available.
    Linux static link version V00.06 for libusb-0.1.12 (12/03/2009)
    You must install the libusb-0.1.12
    Linux version v01.01 for libusb-1.xx (10/10/2009)
    You must install the libusb-1.0.3(not need libusb-compat-xx)

    Connecter Information
    CN1from/to Rig (see below)
    CN6LED 1:COS 2:PTT 3:both GND
    CN7external power from 7V to 9V (see SW7)
    CN8RS232C (see SW8)
    CN2, CN4 and CN5 are not used.

    Diagram of connection between RIG and Adapter(CN1).
    1Data (to RIG)
    3PTT (to RIG)
    49600 bps Input (from RIG)
    5Not use

    SW1, SW2 and SW3 setting
    Detail Information.
    ON when COS circuit is "open colector without pull up registor",
    OFF when COS circuit is "not open colector" or "with pull up register".
    1-2 (must be SW2 OFF) when COS is reversed signal.
    2-3 and SW2 ON when COS is normal signal.

    If you use the S/N squelch without COS signal, please uncheck the COS check of PIC default setting.

    SW5 setting
    Normal ModeStand alone repeater
    SW51-2 on2-3 on
    When you use the hotspot, repeater software of Scott or David, you must set Normal Mode.
    If you set the Repeater Mode, node adapter does not accpet any USB command. Therefore, if you set the Repeater Mode, PC does not recognize the node adapter.

    SW4 and SW6 setting (fixed)
    SW41-2 on
    SW61-2 on

    SW7 setting (Power selection)
    USB Bus powerExternal power
    SW72-3 on1-2 on
    External power is from 7V to 9V.

    SW8 setting (RS232C signal level.)
    TTL levelRS232C level
    SW81-2 on2-3 on

    PIN assign of CN8
    TTL level1:TX 2:RX 3:GND
    RS232C level4:RX 5:TX 3:GND

    Stand alone repeater setting
    If you use the standalone mode, DV adapter does not accept any PC control via USB. Do not use any PC programs. If you need to modify the default setting parameter, please set the normal mode.

    1. Jummper pin of SW5 is setted option side (2-3 on).
    2. Must setted "Repeater Callsign" on PIC using setting program.
    3. Connect power (5V) thru USB connecter.Do not run PC prograum for this adapter.
    4. PTT and Mod. output are connected to TX rig. And COS and Demod. input are connected RX rig.

    Also, you must set your DV rig as follows.
    5. RPT1 is setted the repeater callsign of Node adapter.
    6. You must set "DUP on" on your DV rig.

    Diagram of connection between TX rig, RX rig and this adapter.

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