Inside of ID-800

Separate connecter(Rig)

Separate connecter(Display)

Fron of Display

Inside of Rig

Inside of Rig (remove the cover) You can see the option that is almost same as UT-118.

Zoom uo the DV module

Slow Data cable of the DV module. The white cable is the Tx of RS232C (to pin 4 of MiniDIN). The red cable is RX of RS232c (to pin 7 of MiniDin).

Back side of DV module
The connecter is the narrow pitch connecter P8.

Display Part (remove cover)

CPU of Display (H8/3847z)
Separate cable. Left is 12V. Second is the signal from rig to display. Thrid is the sginal from display to rig. Right is GND.

Connecter of Separate cable. Upper is display side. Lower is rig side.

Sield is GND. Black is 12V. White is thw signal from rig to display. Brown is the signal from display to rig.

Signal from display to rig.
This signal occured every 100msec. 1V/cm 0.5msec/cm Baud rate is 9600bps.

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